Return Policy

We are glad to offer you a full refund or store credit within 2 weeks with a reciept on any items that do not work out for you. Please return items the Thursday following your purchase with your original receipt.

All sales are final on all CLEARANCE items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ann opened Graples on December 1st, 2005, so that she could pass along some great prices that she had found on home decor, and to get out of the house one day a week. She figured that she would use half a day for stocking and be open one day per week. She and her sister emailed all their friends and word spread quickly.

It is now a full time job for both Ann & Brian to stock and keep Graples going. They, along with a crew of some great friends who help them unpack, are working far more than the one day a week that you see.

Now, it is our trademark to be open on Thursdays. To be open more than one day a week would be very difficult and would compromise the principles upon which Graples was founded: to have a family business which would support us financially but still allow us to have time with our family.

We have Saturday Events three times per year to accommodate those who can not make it in on Thursdays.

Graples rhymes with staples.

When Ann was a toddler, (this is Fabiana writing this), she could not prounounce her favorite color: purple. She called it graple. It is still her favorite color today and you will find the whole crew dressed in "graple" on Thursdays.

We have new products out every week.

We are glad to offer you a full refund or store credit on any items that do not work out for you. Please return items the Thursday following your purchase.

We offer only SAME DAY returns on items from our linens department.

All sales are final on our Clearance Items.

All items are clearly marked with our extremely low prices. Our low mark ups do not allow us to sell any items at a discount.

Smile and have fun.

We have clear plastic bins at the store for you to store the items that you wish to purchase. We ask that you not take something out of someone else's bin. We would be glad to hold something for you, but any items left in bins will be put back on the shelves.

Large items (i.e., mirrors, furniture) have pull tags on them. Please bring the tag to the cashier, pay for the item, and pick it up from our warehouse "will call" door.

For those who do not mind crowds, 10:00 am is a really fun time. We joke and have fun, but you will probably have to wait in line to pay for your treasures.

Those that enjoy a little more space like to come in after lunch.

Early evening is best for coming in to chat and to see what treasures are still left.

Whenever you choose to come in, we know you will have a great time and be amazed at the incredible deals that we offer - the rumors really are true.

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